Thursday, September 1, 2016

Follow You Anywhere (Haunted Romance Novel) by Cassie Leigh

Title: Follow You Anywhere 
Series: Haunted Romance #2 
Author: Cassie Leigh 
Genre: Paranormal Romance 
Release Date: August 30, 2016

Looking in the past, you can find your future.
Finally ready to start over on her own terms, Bettina Brandt is letting go of the horrors of her past marriage and moving on. Used to the confines of her ex-husband's rules and regulations, she's excited to go on a ghost hunt of an old Victorian boarding house with her friends. But when strange events begin to emerge, Bettina is convinced something followed her home.
Seth Hynek accepts the solitude of his afterlife. Brooding and reliving the hellish memories of World War II are more tolerable when he's alone. But something changes when he sets out to scare off the group of women who've invaded his home. One of the women sparks something in him--something he can't identify. Keen to know more about Bettina, he follows her home, realizing he can communicate with her through her dreams. But when Bettina's ex-husband finds her and threatens her, Seth fears he can't protect her. Once again, Seth is haunted by the idea that he can't save the one woman who needs him the most. With their pasts colliding with the present, will their ghostly romance end before they can find a way to create a future together?

Follow You Anywhere (Haunted Romance Novel) by Cassie Leigh is a short and sweet novel.

It reminded me in many ways (especially in one scene which I of course can and will NOT spoiler) of the TV Series Ghost Whisperer ( And I mean that in a good way” ) I am pretty sure if you liked that show you will also like this novel.

The story itself had potential to feature even more pages because I felt that I wanted to see more of those leading characters. In parts I felt that the author only scratched the surface of them. It was enough to get the story rolling but you would hear no complains from my side if there had been more.

The plot is well written and the story flows at a believable pace. Basically I only had one issue. The author used a foreign language at certain points of the plot and unfortunately as I happen to know that language it was obvious to me that this translation came from google.

I did offer the author my help to get this point fixed and she was happy that I offered and agreed to give me her original ideas. BUT up to now I did not hear from her again so this story still contains lines that will make little to no sense if you happen to know the language.

This point will not disturb your reading and I assume not many people will notice as the meaning will be made clear by the actions of the characters. Again – I can really recommend this book to lovers of Ghost Whisper and to all those that believe that love can overcome any obstacle.
CASSIE LEIGH specializes in all things paranormal romance but holds a special place in her heart for a good ghost story. Her goal as a writer is to transform the trials and tribulations of family history and turn it on its head using the paranormal world of spirits, vampires, and were-animals. With the help of her husband, she carves out time to write while raising five children, working full time and obsessing over her midcentury modern dream home.