Tuesday, September 8, 2015

"YOUR HEART TO KEEP" by Amanda Mackey


Author: Amanda Mackey 

This is a stand alone novel

Genre: Romance


What would you do if the heart you loved ended up in a stranger?

For bad boy Jax, that's exactly what happens. His lover, Chloe has died in the car accident they were both involved in. Grieving for his lost love, Jax soon discovers that she was an organ donor and her heart, the very one he vowed to love, always, has been given to a stranger. 

Holly Jenkins has a medical condition that requires a new heart. Having been on the organ registry for thirteen months, she finally gets the call she's been waiting for. 

After the surgery she begins to crave things she never has before and has the inherent need to connect with Jax and the family of Chloe. 

What she doesn't expect is the strong pull towards a guy who doesn't want a bar of her and can't come to terms with the fact that Holly now has his girlfriend's heart. 

It isn't until he literally feels the pulse of his dead girlfriends, beating heart that things change...





I am married and a mother of two beautiful children, living in sunny Queensland, Australia. I’ve been reading books ever since I can remember and love all things related to books. Writing has become an extension of that and I hope to pursue a full time writing career. I currently write part-time and work as a remedial massage therapist. I love spending time with family and hope to one day travel to Italy and England.

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Review :

I received a copy of  “Your Heart to Keep: Holly and Jax” by Amanda Mackey in exchange for an honest review. And sometimes being honest sucks. I really wanted to totally LOVE the story (which is why I choose it in the first place)  but I “only” managed to LIKE it. Which  I am sure is enough but still - it COULD have been more.

First the reasons why I could not manage to LOVE it … Basically my general issue with “contemporary romance” was standing in the way. Surly story’s like the one in this book are “fiction”  – but in the moment they claim to be contemporary my mind divides the story in sections and without thinking about it too much I mentally sort through if the stuff in that story could actually work out.

I would need to spoiler, which is something I try to do as little as possible, to explain in detail about my problem with this story. So let’s leave it at this – transplantations in general are no fiction so they follow certain rules in the medical as well as the bureaucracy way and I somewhat disliked that none of those rules seem to have applied in this novel.

If you are willing to totally neglect this part – we can now discuss the point why I am pretty sure you will find a great story to keep you entertained. I really liked “Jax” and “Holly” – but if I am honest, “Micah” almost stole the show from Jax.

The Author managed to create a vivid picture of the story in my mind during reading. All the characters had enough depth to make them interesting. The writing was flawless, fluent and the dialogues between the characters were great.

I could easy relate to protagonists and even if I did not agree with all that was happening during the story, I could still relate to it enough to really like what I was reading. I would like to recommend this story to you (yeah I know – I should have written something like: I would like to recommend this story with all of MY heart! But when you read the book you will understand why I won’t  )